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Plants Gallery (English names)     Plants Gallery (by family)

Plants Gallery - a classified index of (mostly common) Scottish Plants:

This page has links to several dozen pages of plant families which have been created by Melissa Shaw.
This list is not comprehensive - it is a simple aid to searching for some of what is actually on the website.
Although Fungi and Lichens are strictly speaking not plants, they will be included here when the links have been created.
You can still search for anything else using the search box at the foot of any page.
Click through any of these pictures to find another sub-gallery for that group.
You can then click to search for individual species.

adoxaceae gallery
Adoxaceae gallery
e.g. Moschatel
amaranthaceae gallery
Amaranthaceae gallery
e.g. Orache, Saltwort or Goosefoot
amaryllidaceae gallery
Amaryllidaceae gallery
e.g. Garlic, Leek, Daffodil, Dog's Mercury and Snowdrop
apiaceae gallery
Apiaceae gallery
e.g. Carrot family, Hogweed
araceae gallery
Araceae gallery
e.g. Arum family, Skunk cabbage, Lords and Ladies
araliaceae gallery
Araliaceae gallery
e.g. Ivy family
asparagaceae gallery
Asparagaceae gallery
e.g. Bluebell family, including Spring Squill
asphodelaceae gallery
Asphodelaceae gallery
e.g. Red Hot Poker
asteraceae gallery
Asteraceae gallery
e.g. Daisy family, including Thistles, Ragwort, Knapweed, Sow Thistle and Hawkweed
balsaminaceae gallery
Balsaminaceae gallery
e.g. Balsam family
berberidaceae gallery
Berberidaceae gallery
e.g. Berberis or Barberry family
boraginaceae gallery
Boraginaceae gallery
e.g. Borage family, e.g. Forget-me-not, Comfrey, Viper's Bugloss
brassicaceae gallery
Brassicaceae gallery
e.g. Scurvy Grass, Mustard
campanulaceae gallery
Campanulaceae gallery
Bellflower family e.g. Harebell
caprifoliaceae gallery
Caprifoliaceae gallery
e.g. Honeysuckle
caryophyllaceae gallery
Caryophyllaceae gallery
e.g. Campion, Mouse-ear, Stitchwort, Sea Pink, Chickweed
celastraceae gallery
Celastraceae gallery
Bittersweet family e.g. Grass of Parnassus
cistaceae gallery
Cistaceae gallery
e.g. Rock Rose
convulvulaceae gallery
Convulvulaceae gallery
Bindweed family e.g. Convolvulus
cornaceae gallery
Cornaceae gallery
e.g. Dogwood
crassulaceae gallery
Crassulaceae gallery
e.g. Stonecrop, Orpine and Roseroot
cyperaceae gallery
Cyperaceae gallery
Sedges e.g. Cotton Grass
dipsicaceae gallery
Dipsicaceae gallery
e.g. Scabious and Teazel
droseraceae gallery
Droseraceae gallery
e.g. Sundew family
elaeagnaceae gallery
Elaeagnaceae gallery
e.g. Sea Buckthorn
ericaceae gallery
Ericaceae gallery
e.g. Heathers and Berries
euphorbiaceae gallery
Euphorbiaceae gallery
e.g. Dog's Mercury
fabaceae gallery
Fabaceae gallery
e.g. Pea, Vetch, Broom, Gorse, Trefoil
gentianaceae gallery
Gentianaceae gallery
e.g. Field Gentian, Common Centaury
geraniaceae gallery
Geraniaceae gallery
e.g. Geraniums and Cranesbills
hydrangeaceae gallery
Hydrangeaceae gallery
e.g. Climbing Hydrangea
hypericaceae gallery
Hypericaceae gallery
e.g. St John's Wort
iridaceae gallery
Iridaceae gallery
e.g. Iris and Crocus
juncaceae gallery
Juncaceae gallery
e.g. Rushes
juncaginaceae gallery
Juncaginaceae gallery
e.g. Arrowgrass
lamiaceae gallery
Lamiaceae gallery
e.g. Mint, Dead Nettles and Herbs
lentibulariaceae gallery
Lentibulariaceae gallery
Bladderwort family, e.g. Butterwort
liliaceae gallery
Liliaceae gallery
e.g. Lilies
linaceae gallery
Linaceae gallery
e.g. Fairy Flax
lythraceae gallery
Lythraceae gallery
e.g. Loosestrife
menyanthaceae gallery
Menyanthaceae gallery
e.g. Bog Bean
montiaceae gallery
Montiaceae gallery
e.g. Pink Purslane and Spring Beauty
myricaceae gallery
Myricaceae gallery
e.g. Myrtle
nartheciaceae gallery
Nartheciaceae gallery
e.g. Bog Asphodel
nymphaceae gallery
Nymphaceae gallery
e.g. Water Lilies
onagraceae gallery
Onagraceae gallery
e.g. Willow Herb
orchidaceae gallery
Orchidaceae gallery
e.g. Orchids
orobanchaceae gallery
Orobanchaceae gallery
Lousewort and Broomrape family e.g. Bartsia, Cow-wheat, Toothwort, Yellow Rattle
oxalidaceae gallery
Oxalidaceae gallery
e.g. Wood sorrel
papaveraceae gallery
Papaveraceae gallery
e.g. Poppies
phyrmaceae gallery
Phyrmaceae gallery
e.g. Monkeyflower
plantaginaceae gallery
Plantaginaceae gallery
e.g. Plantains
poaceae gallery
Poaceae gallery
e.g. Grasses
polemoniaceae gallery
Polemoniaceae gallery
e.g. Jacob's Ladder
polygalaceae gallery
Polygalaceae gallery
e.g. Milkwort
polygonaceae gallery
Polygonaceae gallery
e.g. Docks, Knotweeds, Sorrels
primulaceae gallery
Primulaceae gallery
e.g. Primrose, Scottish Primrose, Milkwort, Cowslip, Wintergreen
ranunculaceae gallery
Ranunculaceae gallery
e.g. Garlic, Leek, Daffodil, Dog's Mercury and Snowdrop
resedaceae gallery
Resedaceae gallery
e.g. Weld
rosaceae gallery
Rosaceae gallery
Rose family e.g. Cinquefoil (Silverweed, Tormentil), Lady's mantle
rubiaceae gallery
rubiaceae gallery
e.g. Bedstraws
saxifragaceae gallery
Saxifragaceae gallery
e.g. Saxifrages and Golden Saxifrages
scrophulariaceae gallery
Scrophulariaceae gallery
e.g. Figwort, Toadflax, Foxglove and Buddleia
solanaceae gallery
Solanaceae gallery
e.g. Nightshades, Tomatoes and Potatoes
typhaceae gallery
Typhaceae gallery
e.g. Reed Mace (Bulrush)
urticaceae gallery
Urticaceae gallery
e.g. Nettles
violaceae gallery
Violaceae gallery
e.g. Violets and Pansies

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