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About - David Palmar Photography

Based in the west end of Glasgow, and having taken photographs for many years, I started my photography business in 2004, when it occurred to me that I have skills and photographs which can help people while making an income along the way. Because I have been a teacher, (formerly at Jordanhill School teaching Computing before I retired on 2010), I have not put my contact details other than email address on the site, although if you order something, you will be informed of that as part of that process.

Unless we are on a photographic expedition, you should normally get a reply to an email to in a day or two, and frequently the same day.

One of my aims is to use my skills, time and equipment to help in the conservation effort for various species, e.g. the shots of the hen harrier and the black grouse were taken with precisely this purpose in mind, and have now found their way into talks by the conservationist who assisted me in finding suitable places to take them.

I started this website in March 2006, feeling that my own photographs and techniques should be for sharing, not just for sitting on my hard disc!

One of the latest developments (see updates page) is the start of the scanning process of many images taken by my father in the second half of the 20th Century up till about 1986.

Amongst services I can offer (see services and prices page) are:

Customers for stock photograph sales so far include Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park, Glasgow City Council, Scottish Natural Heritage, the Ministry of Defence Police, the Scottish Wildlife Trust and Argaty Red Kites.

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UK Copyright law applies to all materials on this site.

Purchasing does not imply unlimited reproduction rights. Digital images may be published once per purchase, and acknowledgement is required. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements if you are unsure.

Technical Details of Images

All my pictures on the site are from SLR digital camera files, or are scanned from film, and of very good quality and suitable for printing at A4 or A3. The pictures all have a zoomed view (switchable on or off via Show Zoom or Hide Zoom) of part of the picture, so that the level of detail is apparent. Some of the pictures are cropped, so there is a wider area round some of them. Many of the landscape format images would also be suitable for using in portrait format, and vice versa.

The photos on the site are jpgs made from Adobe RGB scanned tifs, or are converted from Canon or Nikon SLR raw files, from cameras ranging from the Canon D60 (6 megapixels) which we started with in 2003, to the 30 megapixel 5D Mark IV camera. Most were taken with Canon L lenses such as the 16-35 f2.8 or 24-105 f4 for scenery shots, 50mm f1.4 or 70-200 f2.8 for low light shots, 100-400 f4.5-5.6 for flight shots, and many with prime telephoto lenses - 400mm or 500mm Canon L lens, sometimes with a 1.4x extender. Only images sharp enough to be enlarged to create large files suitable for publication appear on the site.

The images scanned from film are grainier than the digital images, and more contrasty, but should still be acceptable for most purposes. It seems to me that digital is now inherently superior in quality to film (apparently Canon thinks that point has been reached with 10 megapixels), and I'm glad I made the switch in 2003. I didn't use my EOS3 film camera for several months after that, then finally sold it after it had become virtually worthless!

My father's photographs have been scanned mostly from 6cm x 6cm Ektachrome transparencies, some from large black and white negatives, and some from 10" x 8" prints, where that was all I could find. All these files are of good quality. Most colour scans are 45 to 50Mbytes.

6 megapixel jpgs of 3072 x 2048 or similar size, which should easily print to A4, are available immediately of all images on the site. Images can be provided as sRGB or Adobe RGB tifs, jpgs, or as unmounted or mounted prints as needed.

Work proceeds as time is available to add to the site's content. There are many photos still to be edited and added, so please ask if you can't see what you want. The email address is on the Contact Us page.